Only Christ Can Satisfy.

It's an obvious fact that we must eat to live. If you’re like me you live to eat. Hunger, like the warning icon in your car is your body telling you it's time to stop and refuel. Regardless of how full and satisfied you are after a meal, it won't be very long before you have to eat again. In the South we take our eating pretty seriously. Not only must it be fried, it must be all you can eat. We can always come up with some kind of occasion to eat.

But there is another kind of hunger that we also instinctively have, it's a spiritual hunger. We are created in "the image of God," (Gen. 1:26) we are spiritual beings. Our spirit desires to be fed and there is no physical food that can satisfy that need. Evidence of this spiritual hunger is present in every human being. We have a longing to know our purpose in life, why we are here. Where did we come from? Where are we going? We long for internal harmony and peace; we long to be accepted, to be loved, to be forgiven, to relate to people, to belong, to be fulfilled in life. These things you cannot acquire in the physical world. They are real needs that can only be met by Jesus who is the bread of life.

To believe in Jesus ("the bread of life") is to experience a full and meaningful life on earth and satisfaction that extends past the temporal to the eternal. These temporal things of this physical life have no lasting satisfaction, but what we have through Jesus Christ is lasting. I love the account of the Samaritan woman where Christ says to her, you drink of this living water you will never thirst again. This is reference to the eternal life that we have through Christ. We all need this lasting and satisfying spiritual food and drink. Dissatisfied today, feel malnourished and spiritually weak follow Christ’s instruction in John 6:35- I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst. 


I Am The Light Of The World.

John 8:12- Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. The allegory used by the Lord in this verse speaks of the light of His Truth, the light of His Word, the light of eternal Life. Those who receive the true Light will never walk in spiritual darkness.
We take a candle into a room to dispel the darkness. Likewise, the Light of Jesus Christ has to be taken into the darkness of sin that engulfs the hearts and lives of those who are not following Him. That’s the condition behind having this Light—that we follow Him. If we do not follow Him, we will not have this light, this truth, this eternal life.
Physical light is necessary for physical life. The earth would certainly change very rapidly if there were no longer any sunlight. A forest full of trees with very thick canopies of foliage high above has very little plant life on the ground except for moss, which needs very little sunlight. Plants will never move away from the light they are drawn to the light. In the same way, spiritual light is necessary for spiritual life, and this can be a good test of our standing in Christ. The believer will always tend toward spiritual things; he will always tend toward fellowship, prayer, the Word of God, and so on. The unbeliever always does the opposite because light exposes his evil, and he hates the light.
Following Jesus is the condition of two promises in John 8:12. First, His followers will never walk in darkness, which is a reference to the assurance of salvation we enjoy. As true followers of the Light, we will never live in a state of continually sinning. Rather, we repent of our sin in order to stay close to the Light of the world. The second promise is that we will reflect the Light of Life. Just as He came as the Light of the world, He commands us to be “lights,” too. In Matthew 5:14–16 we see believers depicted as the light of the world. Just as the moon has no light of its own, reflecting the light of the sun, so are believers to reflect the Light of Christ so that all can see it in us. The Light is evident to others by the good deeds we do in faith and through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Don’t put that light under a bushel or cover it up, but all need to see it and benefit from it so that they may too, leave the darkness and come into the Light.


Ye Are The Light Of The World.

Matthew 5:14- Ye are the light of the world, A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

There are all kinds of theories about how to motivate people. We can do it through guilt, fear or shame. But overall these were not Jesus’ methods. Jesus motivated through positive messages of hope and encouragement. Jesus told those at the Sermon on the Mount. You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world. What kind of people did he say this to? Farmers, fishermen, tax collectors, housewives, all in a tiny remote village in an obscure part of the world. Talk about a statement of faith. It must have sounded absurd at the time even to them.

As the world seems to get darker with sin and deception we may feel that it is impossible to be this light that God has commanded us to be but remember this scripture (Phil 2:15) That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world. 

You and I are the light of the world. What does it mean? We have a responsibility to the world.

What does light do?

1. Light is used to signal.

2. Light is used to guide. (Psa 119:105)

3. Light is used to penetrate the darkness and expose evil and error. (John 3:19-21)

4. Light is used to prevent sin (security lights in dark areas)

5. Light is used to produce growth (plants).

6. Light does not exist for its own glory but to brighten up the world.


Ye Are The Light Of The World. Matthew 5:14

There was a time when the pulpits of this nation sounded with the call for young men and women to go out as missionaries to be lights to a world of darkness. We don’t sound that trumpet as we once did. We don’t call people to really sacrifice for the good of souls and the Gospel. We have something that the world desperately needs. Today we are reminded that we live in a pluralistic world. There are many religions in the U.S. There are many people who do good for this cause or in that name. What do we have to offer? Give them Jesus. The greatest heresy current today is that all religions are the same. I will tell you that Jesus has no equal. There never has been nor will there ever be anyone like Jesus.

We are not the source of the light. We are reflectors of the true light, Jesus Christ. To be more practical, our actions, our reactions, our attitudes, our conversation, our thought process, everything that everybody else sees in us should reflect Jesus Christ. There is One who has touched our lives and given us the power and authority to touch others. People in this world are lost in darkness and they’re looking for light to lead them to spiritual, emotional and mental safety.

Proverbs 4:14- Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men. V. 18- But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.

We have the responsibility as God’s children and God’s church to bear the light helping people find the right path. Ye are the light of the world.


God Wants Me to Love Him. 

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I don’t know what God wants from Me, If I knew what God wanted from me I would do it.”

When we pray, we spend the vast majority of time telling God what we want from Him. When was the last time you stopped and really thought to yourself, ''What does God want from me?'' You don't have to wonder, because God has told us.

The first thing He says to anyone who comes to Him is ''Believe Me.'' If you come to believe in God and place your faith in Him, then the very next thing He wants is your love. After He says, ''Believe Me,'' He says ''Love Me.''

You are not going to love God until you believe in Him. This world is filled with people who believe in God, but don't love Him. The single most important thing that God wants from us after our faith is love. I know that because Jesus, the Son of God, himself tells us that.

Matthew 22:36-37- Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

The only love that God wants and God deserves is an all or nothing love. It takes all of a person to love God. That simply means we are to love God with every single fiber of our being. Whatever you love the most with your heart, will determine what you think and how you live. What you love in your heart will determine your behavior far more than what you believe in your head.

No matter what you tell me you believe in, you show me what you love and I will tell you what you really believe in. That is why the only way people really change is not when they change their mind and the way they think it is when they change their heart and what they love.


Father’s - The Missing Element in America's Home+

Across America in 2017 there were 73.7 million children under the age of 18 accounting for 22.6 percent of the total population. As many as 25% of children in the U.S. live in households with mother alone that’s nearly 19 million growing up without fathers. America is in trouble because the Family is in trouble. If you don’t believe me research the data for yourselves. Fatherless homes lead to serious problems in the home. The Family is in trouble because of deadbeat dads and fugitive fathers! We hear a lot today about juvenile delinquents ... but the leading cause of juvenile delinquents is delinquent dads. We need a generation of Fathers who will lead their families rather than to leave their families!  

The missing element in America's homes is men of integrity! Men of strength! Men of courage! Men that will stand up for right and wrong! Men that will lead their families to Jesus! Men that will love their wives and lead their homes!

Mister, the biggest building project that you'll ever tackle is in your own home! America's homes are in trouble today because men have failed to be the men of God they ought to be. Fathers, for God to Bless America, He must first be able to bless our homes. For God to bless our homes will require us to be men of courage, men of conviction, and men of character. Instead of getting mad at me for telling the truth, I challenge you to see the value of the family and be willing dads to invest in the family. Our children are the most valuable resources in the world. Fight against Satan for your family.


If We Desire Change In America It Must Begin With Me.

In 1776, in Philadelphia, the United States of America was born and today the United States needs to be born again. Our nation needs revival.

Woodrow Wilson said, long ago that no nation can survive materially unless it is redeemed spiritually. America must be redeemed and only God can redeem us.

We are living today in an America that's materialistic mad, that's driven by lust and pleasure and loves its sin. We are part of a nation that needs a fresh touch from God, as we remember today how America was founded.

America is unique among the nations of the world. America was founded on the principles of the Word of God.  No matter what modern historians may do to try to remove that thought from the minds of young people, it is a historical fact that America was founded upon the principles of the Word of God. At the University of Houston they did a study of the documents of the founding fathers because they really wanted to determine, is this just a myth that America was founded by men who believe in the Word of God? So they took many hundreds of documents of the founding fathers and they studied them carefully. They found that in 94 percent of those documents, there was either a reference to God or the principles of God's word or a direct quote from scripture. America was uniquely founded on the Word of God. 

When is America going to wake up and see that God is disgusted with our land? Our only hope is for the people of God to be God’s people. That means we start praying with a repentant attitude; start living in obedience to the Word of God and Holy Spirit direction. If our nation is to see change that change must first be seen in believers, and in our churches.

Will you be one who will stand up for God?  Will you be one who will seek the face of God?  Will you be one who will say, "It’s my responsibility to be what God wants me to be?"  Will you be one who turns against the tide, who stands against the flow of immorality and sin and godlessness and unrighteousness, to stand, not as a holier than thou, but to stand as a person who lives the way and points the way to Jesus Christ?  Revival begins at the house of God with people just like you and people just like me who recognize that it’s time to repent, that the hour is late and we are willing to stand and say, "God, here am I, send me."


Bro. Terry Williams