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The infallible verbal inspiration of the whole bible, (II Timothy 3:16, 17).


The Triune God, (Matthew 28:19).


The Genesis account of Creation.


The Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ, (Matthew 1:20).


The Deity of Jesus Christ, (John 10:30).


The vicarious sacrifice of Jesus Christ, (Hebrews 2:9).


That salvation is wholly by grace through faith in Christ, (Ephesians 2:8); and that all believers are preserved eternally, (1 Peter 1:5; John 10:27-30).


The bodily resurrection and ascension of Jesus, and the bodily resurrection of His saints, (I Corinthians, chapter 15).


The second coming of Jesus Christ, personal and bodily, is the crowning event of the Gentile age, (Acts 1:11).  Jesus will set up His kingdom on earth and rule upon the earth one thousand years, (Revelation 20:6).


The Bible doctrine of eternal punishment of the finally impenitent, (Matthew 25:46).


A Scriptural church is a visible assembly of baptized believers, covenanted together under New Testament law for the purpose of carrying out the Great Commission, with an unbroken history from the personal ministry of Jesus on earth to this present day.


We hold what true Baptists have ever held:  That the Great Commission was given to the churches only; that in kingdom activities the church is the only unit in associated work; that each church should exercise equal authority; and that the churches should meet their responsibilities according to their several abilities. 


All co-operating bodies, such as associations, conventions, boards, committees, etc., are and properly should be servants of the churches, (Matthew 20:25-28).


Scriptural baptism is immersion of believers, administered by a New Testament church; the Lord's Supper is a memorial ordinance, restricted to faithful church members.

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